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SignTools 3 Activation Help

How Activation Works:
Everytime you open SignTools the following dialog box will appear. >

You can click on the Activate button to commence activation, or you can simply click on the OK button.

If you click on the OK button, the SignTools roll up menu will appear.
You have 25 uses of the program before activation is required to keep using SignTools.

All SignTools functions will work without Activating the program. However, if the Remaining Uses gets to "0" SignTools will not work without being Activated

When you click on the Activate button the following dialog box will appear. >

STEP 1: Type in your Serial Number (this can be found in the box that your SignTools software came in).

STEP 2: If you choose Activate Via The Web it will open the Activatation Form on the A Signs web site.

Simply fill in the form and click on the Submit button.

If you choose Activate Via Fax it will open a CorelDraw page containing the Activation Form. Fill in the form and fax or email.

With both methods of Activation we will get back to you with your Activation Key within 24 hours.  

STEP 3: Once you receive your Activation Key type in the number and click OK.

Please note: Each Activation Key is unique to each computer. If you install SignTools on another computer you will need to go through activation proceedure again.

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