Smart Safety Signs CD
in 2017

Smart Safety Signs CD-Rom + FREE International Safety Signs CD

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The Smart Safety Signs CD-Rom contains 1000's of standard Sign layouts including Safety, Traffic, General, Fire, Caution, Warning, Notice, Danger, Emergency, Mandatory, Prohibition, Dangerous Goods Signs for Signmakers.

The images and layouts are supplied in popular graphic program file types and formats.

Revised due to customer requests, Smartartz have added over 200 Symbols and pictograms covering 5 new pages in the PDF manual.

Many safety signs require symbols & pictograms to ensure legibility, understanding & multi-lingual ability. These symbols & pictograms are from our clients wish list. Use them to Add to your Safety Signs or on there own. Formatted for trouble free import to sign and graphics programs.

Full Listing of Categories

  • Standard Danger titles and examples
  • Listings of additional standard titles
  • Standard Warning sign titles
  • Listings of additional standard titles
  • Caution/Warning Non Conforming signs.
  • Standard Caution and Warning titles
  • Standard  Fire  sign titles
  • Standard Notice sign titles
  • Listings of additional standard titles
  • Standard  General Purpose signs
  • Standard  Traffic type sign titles
  • Dangerous Goods Diamond symbol examples
  • Copyright & Aust Standards info
  • Install & Tech Support 
  • Listings of additional standard titles
  • Standard Mandatory sign titles 
  • Listings of additional standard titles
  • Standard Emergency sign titles
  • Standard Prohibition sign titles
  • How to use information


FREE International Safety Signs CD valued at $49

International Safety Signs is a huge collection of all common Fire-Protection-, Emergency Exit-, Prohibition-, Mandatory and Warning-Signs, carefully digitized from International standards.

The vector-images are 100 % vinyl-ready and can be scaled, modified and combined. Each graphic is constructed from single objects; no crossing or touching of lines at all!

All files of the International Safety Signs are saved as Adobe Illustrator (*.AI) and/or Encapsulated Postscript (*.EPS) -Files. Therefore they can be easily imported into any common Design and Sign making program.

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