Variant Stream
in 2016

Vinyl Lettering Sizes

It is advisable that you draw a rough sketch setting out a layout so that you can determine the lettering sizes.

A general rule of thumb is the height of the letter multiplied by the amount of letters in the line. Of course this varies depending on the font used. If the lettering has to fit into a specific length, type this information into Vinyl Lettering Order Page.

With regards to your  layout, you'll want to leave some area around your letters. Text that is all crammed together makes it hard to read. You should try to achieve a design that is both legible and interesting. One way to do this is to emphasize only the most important words on your sign. Every line of text does not need an effect.

When you are done click on the other option pages.

1. Font ( letter style ) - Choose from 50 fonts
2. Colour - Choose from 25 colours
3. Size - Hints to help you determine the correct size of your lettering
4. Effect - (NEW) - Choose from 10 effects to enhance your lettering
5. Order Vinyl Lettering