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in 2011

Desay and Master Vinyl Cutter Blades

A Signs distributes high quality carbide vinyl cutter blades for Desay and Master vinyl cutters.  These after market blades last at least 30% longer than the original manufacturers blades and are compatible with the following models:-

Desay Master Tiger 1000, 2000 and 3000.

Desay XY-300P, XY-380P, XY-450P, XY-540P and XY-660P.

Master SC-801E, Master Tiger 1000, 2000 and 3000, Master XY-240, XY-300,  XY-300P, XY-340, XY-380 XY-380P, XY-450, XY-450P, XY-520, XY-540P and XY-660P.

To order your 5 pack of blades for $99 (including FREE international shipping), for a Desay or Master vinyl cutter, fill in the Order Form.

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Please send me a 5 Pack of 45 degree Blades for a Desay Vinyl Cutter for only $99

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We also sell blades for the following brands of plotter:-

AIP, Allen Datagraph, Anagraph, Artsign, BlackCat, Bridge, Cole, Copam, Creation, Desay, DGI Omega, Encad NovaCut, Foison, GCC, Gerber, Graphitype CSR, Graphtec, GRC, GRI Pro, Hengxing, Ioline, Jiachen, Jinka, King Rabbit, Liyu, Master, Mimaki, Mutoh, New Star, Palipoli, Rabbit, Roland, Secabo, Summa, US Cutter, and Vinyl Express.

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